What to Expect

With everyone’s sensitivity levels being different it is hard to say specifically what you might experience on the table and this is likely to change every session, depending on what is needed at that time. Almost every client feels energy flowing through their body during the session and a majority leaves feeling cleansed, lifted and lighter. It is a deep healing practice and shifts are likely to take place as a part of your soul journey. After our work together, I typically verbalize what I intuitively received during the session.  This varies from person-to-person and session-to-session, as energy is ever-changing.  I am here to answer questions and help assist in any way during your healing journey.

 How You Can Prepare

Honor your appointment by setting an intention, drinking a lot of water and wearing comfortable clothing. I recommend that you journal your experience afterwards and keep up with any practices that we discuss.

The sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes. I offer a run down of what “comes in” from spirit regarding your chakras, explain your aura field, discuss spirit guides, and recommended self care work outside of the session for your highest good. What comes through is Divinely channeled for YOU <3.