“Karly's Reiki abilities are absolutely stunning. She has been able to pick up on the most subtle and accurate aspects of my being, and there is something truly magical about the way she works. She is guided by the purest source energy and is a healer by nature. She incorporates sound therapy, crystal therapy, and powerful intuitive messages into every session, plus her Reiki work is powerful on both physical and spiritual/emotional levels. She has also cleared the space in my home, which has completely transformed the energy of my home and the way I live. The home feels like a COMPLETELY new space after Karly works her magic. She even released some of my lifestyle blockages by cleansing the space I live in. One of the other services I've experienced with Karly is distance healing. I was unsure of how powerful it would be because it was my first experience with distance healing, but the results I felt were powerful and immediate. When I feel stuck, I consult Karly for intuitive advice and it is always spot on. For any healing needs I would recommend Karly. She truly is a miracle worker!”

- Valerie L.


“Karly is truly one of the universe’s gifts to this earth. I have incorporated her into a part of my weekly self care routine. No matter the highs or lows that I am experiencing, I can always be certain that I will leave my session with her feeling aligned. Her calm and loving aura is infectious, and her ability to hold space for you and guide you toward healing is magic in action. I highly recommend her, as do the many friends and family I have sent to her (many of whom were non-believers before giving her a chance)!”

- Dora S.


'“Karly was recommended to me by a trusted spiritual advisor. Each time I have been through a session with Karly, I can feel and see the effects of my energy shift immediately afterward. Her sessions help me gain clarity and confidence in the direction of my life path. She is truly a gifted healer. “

- Laura K.


“Karly is a naturally gifted healer and intuitive. She provides the most nurturing space, and I always leave her presence enriched with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. It's been a truly transformational journey. I highly recommend Karly and know you will be instantly hooked on the amazing "lightness" your life takes on after being around her. She is is amazing!!”

- Chelsea P.